Our programs are designed to prepare you for work. We offer practical experience in work place skills including food services, computer skills and commercial cleaning. You won’t be disappointed. 

Food Service

With the help of our Food Service Facilitator, you will learn how to use the equipment in our commercial kitchen, gain skills and cook some great food for our participants and staff.

Commercial Cleaning

The Commercial Cleaning industry offers many exciting employment opportunities. In this work area you will learn modern cleaning methods, how to use our floor cleaning equipment and much more. Upon completion, you will be well prepared for work in this sector.

Preparing For Work

The practical items to join the workforce. We teach you how to write a cover letter, strong resumes, excellent references and interview practice that will get you your position.

Personal Development

We work on goals and expectations to help you grow with self confidence and personal strength. Learn to cope with challenging situations, working with others and developing healthy workplace relationships. 

Essential Skills

We will get you ready for work reviewing motivation, time management, teamwork and more. A great program that helps you grow and as a future employee.


While attending Solutions, participants earn free certifications to enhance their employability. Great for your resume too!

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"It always seems impossible until it's done." 

- Nelson Mandela