Commercial Cleaning 

The Commercial Cleaning industry offers many exciting employment opportunities. In this work area you will learn modern cleaning methods, how to use our floor cleaning equipment and much more. Upon completion, you will be well prepared for work in this sector.

The Road to Success

Join our Commercial Cleaning program and you will learn how to clean in offices, schools, buildings, hospitals, cafeterias, hotels, retail and even in private homes.

You will have fun learning how to use our floor cleaning equipment's and more ! 

You will gain technical skills such as:

  • Professional cleaning procedures and techniques
  • Floor Care including stripping, sealing and waxing floors
  • Developing and using cleaning plans and checklists
  • Waste management and sorting procedures.
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Inventory management of cleaning equipment and supplies
  • Problem solving common to custodians and cleaners
  • Safe work practices in the cleaning industry


·     Able to read Instructions and follow directions.

·     Ability to stand on feet for extended periods.

·     Able to lift heavy objects such as buckets of water. 

“What we really like about this program is that you do your job and it immediately looks better. We love it when people comment on the floors after they’ve been stripped, waxed and polished. It’s gratifying!” 

- JC and TG