Successful Stories

Don't take our word for it - here's what our participants and Employers say: 

Theresa L.

I came to the Solutions Learning Centre after a lay-off from a job I worked at for 13 years. Because I am an older worker, I felt I needed to upgrade my skills to compete in today's job market. Solutions Learning Centre offered 3 different programs; I chose Food Service. Solutions also taught personal development and essential skills. Given all of those training courses I was prepared for a job search. Thanks to all the staff at Solutions I was able to secure a job and I am still working.

Justin F.

I want to thank the staff at Solutions Learning Centre for a life changing training experience. I was able to develop new skills from helpful facilitators and practice on the job training at the SLC facility; my work placement prepared me for a job in the workforce. The entire experience helped boost my confidence and it has made a big difference in dealing with on the job challenges. I would recommend taking a training course from Solutions Learning Centre.

Nick H.

Solutions Learning Centre is an excellent organization. The facilitators and staff are very friendly and professional. Besides the three main programs there are many more skills that they provide you with such as writing resumes, cover letters and job interview preparation. These are real life skills and helped me find a great job position – which I am still working in. If you are looking to move forward in your life, I highly recommend enrolling in one of the courses at Solutions Learning Centre. 

Sarah B.

I can’t thank the staff at Solutions enough for all of the support that they have given me. Solutions were always there if you needed a hand. This course, Computer Services, completely switched my life around in the best ways. Now I am employed and enjoying life. 

D F.

The facilitators were great - open, honest and always there to help with any problems. Solutions was a good place, a safe place for people to open up and speak their truth which helped release blocks to learning for myself and others.

Joanne H.

I would have missed out on gaining the skills I needed in order to be able to get back out into the workforce. I have my confidence back and I'm ready for the next journey in my life.

Nancy S.

What I didn't expect was the welcoming smiles and acceptance... I didn't expect that everyone believed in me - because at that point I wasn't sure I believed in myself!

Raneesha G.

Solutions was eye opening and challenging. I would recommend this place to anyone.


The staff at Solutions are very friendly and knowledgeable. They gave me the opportunity to enhance my skills and find a work placement that led to employment. I would like to thank them for all their support - not just for me, but for helping others improve their futures, too.

James G.

My experience at Solutions was eye opening and life changing. It was not at all what I expected. The staff helped me get a placement and ultimately a job.


Whenever I think of the facilitators and staff at Solutions the words compassion, sincerity and dedication come to mind. These words, and the individuals, will live on in my heart.

Stephen C.

I had the best interview of my life because of the preparations at Solutions Learning Centre. If you see your course through you will be ready for whatever path you decide.