Computer Skills

Looking to enhance your computer literacy? Our Computer Skills program is designed to teach the learner how to effectively navigate and use Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel and Outlook.

The Things Which We Do Well

Under the guidance of our Computer Skills Facilitator, participants will learn to use computer applications that are transferable to many work environments, from offices to call centers and warehouses.  Participants practice what they have learned in-house, including assisting with reception duties.

Microsoft Word
  • Formatting options
  • Customize and use Quick Access toolbar
  • Access Word templates
  • Creating Tables
Microsoft Excel
  • Creating personal budgets
  • Creating invoices
  • Creating inventory reports
  • Learn how to create formulas manually and use auto sum
Microsoft Outlook
  • Create contacts, edit, attach and open documents.
  • Select and change calendar views
  • Set up meetings
  • Schedule and Cancel appointments.


·     Able to read at a grade 9 level and follow directions.

·     Ability to sit for extended periods.

·     Competent with basic computer functions.

"I am ten times more confident in my skills and in myself since being in this program. I'm so glad I made the leap and joined Solutions!"

- KE