Food Service

With the help of our Food Service Facilitator, you will learn how to use the equipment in our commercial kitchen, gain skills and cook some great food for participants and staff.

The Recipe of success 

This busy work area provides the skills needed to gain a foothold in the Food Service industry. With the help of our Food Service Facilitator, participants learn and practice new culinary skills in our commercial kitchen.

From working in the dish pit, to prep work or using the grill, the kitchen crew work together to prepare delicious meals and treats for their customers in the cafeteria at the Solutions.

Food safety, knife skills, presentation, cooking techniques, customer service and more… Time flies in this work area!

Food Service Curriculum:

  • Sanitation and Hyigene
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Kitchen Communication
  • Allergies and Special Diets
  • Cooking and equipment terminology
  • Prep work/knife skills
  • Measurement and kitchen math
  • Following and scaling recipes
  • Operating the dish area (Commercial Dishwasher)
  • Safe use of commercial equipment
  • Customer service/ using POS (point of sale) machine
  • Nutrition, menu planning and presentation


·     Able to stand for extended period. 

·     Ability to read and follow directions.

·     May be required to lift objects that weigh 20 pounds (9kg).

“Loved my time at Solutions Learning Centre! I learned a lot of new skills, helping me to be better at my trade and find a position at my chosen field of work. Lots of great memories there as well. Thanks so much!”

- MT