Personal Development

We’ve done our work! We know what NS employers are looking for when they hire new employees. While people come to our programs to gain technical skills, we believe that employability skills, or soft skills, such as  Teamwork, Accountability, Confidence and Adaptability etc. are especially important for keeping a job and being successful, overall.

Participants learn and grow together while being challenged to explore new, practical ways of working in the workplace. At the end of their program, participants walk away feeling empowered and more ready to take on new and exciting work opportunities.
These soft skills form the foundation for all of our programs and are delivered in workshops that are fun, interactive and engaging.

Participants also receive on-going, one-on-one support to help them reach their employment goals. Through the use of a really cool, electronic tool called ESAT (Employment Skills Assessment Tool), participants receive valuable feedback to help bridge skill gaps that have been identified.
At Solutions, we’re committed to offering enjoyable 
learning opportunities while supporting every person as they navigate through their chosen programs.