Holy Cow!! What a Year! Who would have known back in March 2020 that our lives would be turned upside down during the year to come?! Certainly not us at Solutions!!

The fact is that all of us have been challenged by the COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s true - much has been negative however, there’s been some positives too!

I’ve used an analogy over the years with adult learners called “All in the Same Boat”. Essentially, this means that when we’re faced with challenges as individuals, we take comfort in knowing that we aren’t alone. As long as we feel that someone is sitting in our boat with us weathering a similar storm, we sense that we’re going to be okay. I can’t help but think that for many of us this Pandemic has been the biggest storm we’ve faced thus far in our lifetimes - it’s certainly a storm that has impacted the most people around the globe at a given time. Boy, has this boat been heavily weighted!!

Alas there is hope!! Here at Solutions, we weathered the storm together by working as a strong, creative team to provide support and continued learning opportunities to our participants. We continued to offer classes, both in-person (when safe to do so), at home and online. We worked arduously through the down times to write new, engaging curriculum for all of our program areas and even added some fun, interactive tools to keep things stimulating! Thankfully, we’re back in full swing here and are hitting the ground running, even better and bigger than before!!!

So COVID, you didn’t bring us down - you simply taught us that when we’re all in the same boat, weathering the same storm, we can survive!! We simply just need to hang tight, stay the course and forge ahead.   Here’s to a new, healthier time ahead for us all, with wonderful learning and employment opportunities just around the corner! We’ve got this!!


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