Everyone enjoyed a delicious BBQ and an afternoon of silly games including water

balloons and public humiliation before our annual summer shutdown on August 3rd.

After 2 weeks of basking in the fog and rain, we are all back at Solutions and the

sun has returned. Our first group of participants to undertake a 4-week

the assessment period is finishing this week and we’re pleased to say it went very

well. As things return to normal, we have several folks excited to start their work

placements this week.  It’s always a great opportunity to see those newly

acquired skills being put to use in the workforce. We are thrilled that a graduate

of our Commercial Cleaning program has skipped her work placement completely

as she has been offered full-time employment in this field. Congratulations,


As August comes to a close, we look forward to welcoming our next intake group

who will be starting their assessment block on August 30th. Exciting times ahead!

Please give our Intake Coordinator, Kaitlyn a call at 902-468-1320 ext. 225 if

you are interested in joining us.


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