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30 Week Program

Solutions Learning Centre offers a thirty week program for individuals who are seeking to enter, or re-enter, the workforce. During the first five weeks, the Foundation Period, participants focus upon life and employment skills. There is also an assessment of each individual’s academic abilities. Each participant’s initial academic curriculum is based upon this assessment.

Weeks six to twenty see participants enter the Skills Development phase of our program. Individuals spend most of this time in their chosen work area, either: General Office, Food Service, or Property Maintenance. During this time all participants spend two half days in the Academics, and also attend life and job skills sessions. This phase of the program sees participants take WHMIS training, First Aid Instruction, Computer Skills Classes, and Financial Literacy Sessions. In addition outside agencies come to Solutions to do presentations on a wide variety of topics.

The final ten weeks are the Placement Period. Through this time participants are involved in community work placements. This is a time when individuals gain employment experience that will assist them in their future job search.