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Here we have a list of questions you, our potential clients, may have while considering how program. Hopefully these will help clear things up for you!

How long is the program? 30 Weeks

Is it paid? Yes, you receive a bi-weekly travel allowance

How much does the program cost? Nothing! It’s completely free

Will I get my GED from this? No, but you will be able to visit our GED Prep center down at 149 Portland Street to get ready to write the GED tests

How often does the program start? Each new group of clients start every five weeks. Give us a call to find out when the next group is starting.

Do I need to be referred to the program to be accepted? Not at all! Many of our clients or participants self-refer and are accepted.

What areas of hands on learning will I experience? You will either be placed in the kitchen to learn how to follow and execute recipes, property maintenance where you will learn your way around a woodshop, tools, and the like or you will be sent to clerical where you will learn the basics of typing, answering phones in a professional manner, and the like. Apart from this you will also spend time in our Academics department where you will work on GED subjects like Math, Reading, Writing, and Social Studies.

What does a typical week consist of? Typically you are in the centre Monday to Friday, from 9-3. Some days it will be 2pm, Fridays are a half day, and some days there will be meetings or training going on for staff and you will not be coming to the centre that day. On these days, you are still paid as if you were here.

Are there breaks/lunch? Yes! You have two 15 minute breaks a day and 1 hour for lunch. During breaks you will have access to coffee, juice, and snacks for a cost that can be put on a tab or paid for in cash. Each morning, Greg will come around asking if anyone wants to sign up for lunch that day. Like the snacks, lunch is provided for a small cost that can be tabbed or paid that day. The only exception for lunch is Friday where it is not made.

I only made it to grade x, can I still join? Of course! Whatever your background, we are here to help you achieve your goals, increase your academic and life skills.

How does the application process work? You give us a call or stop by and make an appointment. Then you will meet with our program coordinators who will have an interview with you. If you are chosen for the program, you will come back in we will set you up!

Is there job placement? Absolutely. At Solutions we believe in giving you a full work experience and we work with local companies who will take you on for a work term so you can gain real world work experience.

Where are you located? Our main facility is located at 15 Poseidon Court in the Woodside Industrial park. Our GED Prep centre, often referred to as 149, is located at 149 Portland Street in Downtown Dartmouth.

If you have any other questions that are not listed here, feel free to give us a call at (902) 468-1320